An American-supported Regime Change by an Armed Minority that caused 8.5 Million Deaths in Africa

This is an excerpt of a post published in Geopolitics Press.

SOURCE: Geopolitics Press.

For regime change advocates in USG, what they need is dedicated and motivated armed groups that are driven by sectarian and/or ethnonationalist ideologies. USG can work with these armed groups to execute regime change in targeted nations, which usually brings to power US-backed dictatorships that commit human rights abuses. Should these US-backed dictatorial regimes fall and be replaced by democracies, then some regime-change advocates in USG can champion for foreign-imposed restoration regime change to re-impose the ousted US-backed party back to power. This form of regime change seeks to re-establish an unpopular minority government, which is kept in power by the barrel of the gun. The Horn of Africa is currently the target area for regime change operations. However, such regime change operations in the Great Lakes region of Africa has led to the death of about 8.5 million people.

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