From Basma to Ethiopia: Is TPLF Fighting for Regime Change or Regime Attenuation in Ethiopia?

This is an excerpt from this post published in Geopolitics-Press.

SOURCE: Geopolitics Press.

C2FC is using Project Basma’s scheme to attack Ethiopia’s will for survival as a sovereign nation-state, besides priming it for either regime attenuation or regime change. Upcoming narratives will call on rebel coalition to execute regime change so as stabilize Ethiopia as a Federal Republic, or non-belligerently break it up, while enabling the trial of Abiy Ahmed Ali in an international court.

Among the issues discussed in the West concerning the future of Ethiopia are questions about whether Ethiopia can be peacefully broken up if a rebel coalition takes power in Addis Ababa, and then allows the ethno-regional states to use referendum to vote for secession, which the central government will accept. This is to avoid the Somaliland limbo where the semi-autonomous state cannot gain full recognition as a republic unless the national government in Mogadishu consents to its secession. For USG and its European Allies, this will allow for a peaceful Yugoslavia-like breakup, while enabling the trial of Abiy Ahmed Ali for crimes against humanity in an international court just as it happened to the last President of Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosevic.

If Ethiopia accepts regime attenuation, then there will be need for a national dialogue supervised by a Government of National Unity that includes the TPLF (and even excludes Abiy Ahmed), which will oversee a constitutional review that will strengthen decentralization.

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Geopolitics, Integrated Warfare, and State Strategy in the Modern World

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Geopolitics Press

Geopolitics Press

Geopolitics, Integrated Warfare, and State Strategy in the Modern World

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